Re-Calibration, Overhaul, Field Services, Maintenance


Our service engineer performs diagnostic services that identify which asset needs to be recalibrated, repaired, or simply overhauled to avoid process variability, also to ensure safety, availability and compliance.
We have factory-trained and certified service engineers, each of our service team is a specialist within a chosen field, and they provide the right kind of service at the right time, complete asset inspection with troubleshooting and root cause analysis with data driven recommendations and easy-to-understand documented service report. Services are delivered on-site or at our authorized service center.

We can provide planning support for maintenance activities e.g. shutdown, turnaround etc. We can also help identifying critical assets and provide the recommended spare parts list and the spare parts interchangeability report (consolidated spare parts).

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Pada tanggal 30 – 31 Mei 2017 PTCS telah menyelesaikan Audit FASP di Workshop-Jakarta dan memberikan hasil yang membanggakan, dimana penilaian High Quality Valve Service Job tercapai dan secara resmi PTCS menjadi salah satu Authorized Service Provider untuk FISHER di Asia Global Servic... Read More