Wireless Pressure Gauge (WPG) - PT Polychem Indonesia Tbk.

2018-08-02   Nur Hasanah   Bussiness

Sales background:

The existing measurement pressure using conventional pressure gauge unable to monitor in catalytic cracking. They need fast response time and high accuracy due to high pressure indication.

Sales process:

Discuss  with customers and engineers to asses equipment needs and to determine pressure monitoring requirements.

In addition to giving presentations with the appropriate management and also perform demo at site.



Need to convince customer related our new product with piezoelectric sensor that will be the appropriate solution.


Compare prices with conventional gauge.


Installing pressure monitoring for reactor in catalytic cracking.

Rosemount Solution:

2 unit wireless pressure gauge (WPG) with existing gateway.


Intense to introduce Rosemount product into customer.

Expose difficulty became potential and opportunities.

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